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Tuesdays classes

Tuesday is just around the corner and for me, its the first day back in the studio after 4 months! How about you?! I really am looking forward to that face to face interaction and laughter, I have missed the yoga and pilates family!

If you're coming along to classes in the studio tomorrow please bring your own mat!

Hygiene wipes and spray are dotted around the studio for you to use and 15 minutes before and after classes the studio is cleaned. Masks are mandatory as far as I know, places are limited to 25 and I have been notified classes are almost full!! You all love been tortured right?!

Enjoy your practices and thank you all so much for following me on this journey.

Pilates 1.30-2.30pm (studio)

Gentle Yoga 2.45-3.45pm (studio)

Flow Yoga 6.00-7.00pm (studio)

Power Yoga 8.00-9.00pm (online)

Studio classes: Wyre Forest Leisure Centre Online classes:

I cannot wait to see you,

V x


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