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Yoga Posture Workshop

It's time to celebrate our individuality and delve a little deeper into our yoga postures!

This months yoga posture workshop we explore the hips, pelvic alignment and gain more of an understanding that EVERY single pose is influenced by the pelvis. It's a pretty magic space and holds and sometimes clings onto all of our emotional tension and stress, we will tell you more about that when you come along!

Come and enjoy a yoga workshop with myself & Faith, two super close friends and wonderful teachers that bounce off each other.

We will be breaking down many (LOADS) common yoga postures and help you understand more about them.

How to make them more accessible for YOUR body.

Aid and support yourself with props for a better experience.

Adapt and change the feet to accommodate the hips.

Seated postures.

Internal & external rotation.

Standing postures.

This workshop is open to all! Beginners - advanced and would be great for those who even do Pilates with me, you can never stop learning and very often the yoga posture workshops can really help bring more freedom into our practice. You may learn something that changes everything!


11.00am - 2.00pm

In person (limited spaces)

The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington

V & F x


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