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Yoga Posture Workshop - Thank you!

Thank you for the most fantastic workshop Saturday morning! It was wonderful to work along side Faith's Yoga Seed and guide you all through practice and we enjoyed combining our knowledge to make postures more accessible, intuitive and balanced.

Can you remember everything we talked about?! Next time you are in practice wiggle your hips around, let those movements work into your thighs, knees, ankles and feet. Explore how the spine sits within the pelvis, move into the postures with the pelvis, how can you create ease and space within the waist and lower back while you soften into a pose.

Honour areas of your body that are weak, that are strong, that have flexibility, that don’t. It’s all about balance!

I’ll be following up our workshop this week with a blog post all about the hips, if you have any feedback or questions please do get in touch!

Our next posture workshop will be in a few months (Faiths surgery pending) we will be focusing on the upper body and shoulders.

Loads of love, V & F x


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