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August Newsletter

Hello to you all beautiful people!

Happy August! We have beautiful sunshine and clear skies today so let's embrace the sunshine, let's tread softly and lightly and fill ourselves up with all the things we love to do.

Here you will find what Im up to this month and whats up coming, Im so grateful to have just had a holiday, its filled me up so much and Im happier that I have given myself a little breathing space through August, we all need it!


I feel it's a nice thing to do and maybe something that helps us stay connected to what we value in life to offer reflection at the beginning of each month. Even if its not strictly on the first of the month you could do it anytime, give yourself a little time to reflect, maybe even write it down in a note book (or journal if thats your thing).

+ Write down the things you have felt over the past month - This could be anything from emotionally to physically.

+ Can you name a few things that had an impact? How did it make you feel? How did you handle it? Could you have reacted in a different way or do you need to 'trust the process' a little more.

+ Write 5 things that you feel are holding you back, standing in your way or you're feeling disconnected from.

Now re-read the ones you have just written down, are the fact or are they in your mind? Now I want you to write a positive reflection on the same words ie: "I cant wear shorts because I don't like my legs", it sounds something so trivial but get a little deeper, is it because of what other people think of you? Is it a self limiting belief... let's change it around: "I feel comfortable to wear what I want, and I LOVE my legs!".

What you think you become...

I did a lovely workshop recently about harnessing the power of the sunshine to remind ourselves of our potential! We also journaled about self limiting beliefs, so writing down the things that you feel have a negative impact on your life you can reflect on, and essentially change. This wonderful feedback is from one of my students, she has kindly allowed me to share her words which made my day and Im so proud of her journey!

"Hey lovely hope ur ok. I just wanted to share some good news with u.

At our last yoga workshop when we spoke about what we couldn’t do and turned it into what we could do I put that I wasn’t good enough to get that job!! Well I had come second to someone at interviews but the this last week I got asked to an interview in the same sort of job at a different location and I got it!

My manifestation and turning those words around worked! I bossed the interview and I’m going to be working as an administrator/ receptionist for the NHS mental health team"

And last but not least...

+ Name 5 things you are grateful for right now.

When writing or reflecting, you don't need to be vague, the more you unravel the better we can learn to understand and process, if you notice the pen doesn't want to stop writing and you end up writing an essay great! If you put the pen to the paper and nothing happens thats great too! Just think of it as a means of getting the thoughts out of the mind and onto paper. This way it's easier to become a witness of what 'stuff' is clogging up the mind.

Im personally welcoming August 1st in celebration of my brothers birthday today, and maybe it's a celebration of his birthday with more meaning this year. That upon reflection that less than two months ago he had a motorbike accident that could of ended his life, and he is incredibly lucky to be here. It's been an interesting journey to feel the waves of the unknown and learn how to cope with it, but we are all stronger for it. So happy birthday brother bear, you are amazing.



I have a few workshops and outdoor classes in August and lots of private events im reaching at too! I've consciously kept August quiet as summer time brings lots of adventures, travel and holidays for us all (I hope!). Take time for you, enjoy the 6 weeks, explore with the kids, do something you've always wanted to do. Enjoy yourself!

My upcoming events for August :

August 17th - 6.00-7.30pm Outdoor Yoga & Sound Bath @Bells Farm Shop

August 27th - 11.00am-12.30pm Outdoor Yoga @Bodenham Arboretum

August 27th - 6.00-8.00pm Summer Nourish Yoga & Sound Bath @The Oaks Community Hall

I suppose we could have a little sneak peek into September too...

September 10th - 11.00am-12.30pm Outdoor Yoga @Bodenham

September 10th - 6.00-8.00pm Autumn Rest Yoga & Sound Bath

September 13th - 6.15-7.30pm Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release

September 14th - 6.00-7.30pm Outdoor Autumn Yoga

September 27th - 6.15-7.30pm Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release

September 23-25th - Earth Autumn Yoga Retreat


ONLINE CLASSES will return in September!

Mondays Yin/Relaxation practice 8.00-9.00pm will return to the schedule Monday 5th September. Depending on demand and feedback from you all I may also bring back the power yoga practice back on Tuesday evenings 8.00-9.00pm, this will be a strong vinyasa (flow) practice!



I wanted to extend the biggest thank you to those who have attended all of my workshops already this year and a warm welcome to those who are new to the practice. Something which has truly inspired me is holding space to share yoga and sound, it's been a beautiful opportunity to share more philosophy and explorations with you with different modalities. To guide you to a restful place where the mind can unravel and the body can deeply relax. Im looking forward to sharing so many more workshops with you over the next few months and especially our outdoor Yoga & Sound Bath workshop this month!

Im running two sound bath practices this month...

August 17th - 6.00-7.30pm Outdoor Yoga & Sound Bath @Bells Farm Shop

August 27th - 6.00-8.00pm Summer Nourish Yoga & Sound Bath @The Oaks Community Hall

For more details please visit the workshop page here:



This months classes bring laughter, sunshine energy, adjustments and powerful practices. Since spending the weekend immersed in yoga at the World Yoga Festival I am full of inspiration and completely reminded of why I do what I do, why I love yoga so much and how amazing it is to feel our communities connection!

Ill be bringing my hand pan to classes to play you live music for our long relaxations, I'll be bringing my essential oils for a little sensory play and will be leading strong classes to bring you back home to yourself. You know my love for Ashtanga, and it is making a come back now we are all back in the swing of things after lockdown life.

I cant wait to see you this week and of course this month, if you have any questions I would LOVE to hear from you!

V x


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