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Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Dry brushing is another wonderful practice taken from Ayurveda, it's also known as Garshana. This practice has been around for many years but only seems to have appeared recently these past few years, have you heard of it? Or do you practice it? I absolutely love it and wanted to share a little more about this ancient self care practice.

When we wake up in the morning we have our normal regime, shower, brush teeth, eat breakfast, get up and go! (Hopefully remembering to get dressed in there somewhere!). How you start and end your day can have large impact on how you move through the day.

Within the first steps of our morning hygiene routine we can add many more things that our bodies and minds will benefit from, rather than buying a high end toothbrush why not invest in these age old techniques? To name just a few...Tongue scraping, oil pulling, neti pot, face yoga and self massage! All of these things can be time consuming yes, but you really are worth your own time you know. I've said in our Yoga & Pilates sessions many times, you put the work in, you get the work out. This lovely little extra of Dry brushing I hope will become a part of your daily lifestyle, if the tongue scraping doesn't stick!


There are so many benefits of this practice, it works in particularly with the lymphatic system in the body, this carries fluids around the body and works at the detoxification process, surly we want to boost this as much as we can. Alongside stimulating the lymph it increases circulation and blood flow with can help reduce physical tension and discomfort. (Great for doing in winter). We move our bodies in our yoga or pilates practice which stimulates our muscles and bones, dry brushing (and self massage) can stimulate our skin, the greatest organ of all.

Boosts circulation

Stimulates the lymphatic system

Exfoliates the skin

Warms the body

Plumps skin

Removes dead skin cells

Can reduce cellulite

Improves energy levels

Gives you a healthy glow



Drying brushing is wonderful to do before the shower, morning or evening! Best to do naked or in your undies, embrace the practice! Take your time and brush with small strokes towards the heart, be a little firmer in fatty tissue areas and lighter in sensitive areas like the elbow creases and backs of the knees. You may notice as you begin brushing a tingling sensation also goose pimples may appear, this is normal and your skin's response to you stroking.

Be mindful to avoid this practice if you have any areas that have irritation, eczema, open wounds, very sensitive skin and sunburn.

  1. Starting at the feet, gently stroke up the legs in short firm strokes, always travelling upwards (not up and down).

  2. Stroke the thighs are around the backs of the legs, working onto the buttocks, a circular motion always feels good!

  3. Once you have done one leg at a time we get to the belly, this can sometimes feel a little strange but take your time to get used to the sensation! A continuous clockwise circular movement over the belly 6-10 times

  4. Stroke down the chest and collar bones towards the heart.

  5. Moving to the hands stroke up the arms towards the shoulders, again these are short strokes.

  6. You can stroke up the back of the neck and over the head, circling over the scalp (I personally LOVE this) but it can be optional!

  7. Once you have completed your dry brushing you can jump in a shower, be mindful that you have increased the circulation so a cooler shower will help maintain the skin's moisture.

  8. Pat the skin down after your shower and apply your favourite moisturiser if using.

It may take a little while to get used to finding the perfect brush but this is the one we use:

Enjoy feeling fresh and energised with this wonderful technique, depending on your skin type this can be a daily practice but sometimes it's nice to do once or twice a week we want to stimulate the internal systems and skin but we don't want to cause irritation. Take your time to get into the pace of the practice and I hope you learn to love it as much as I do!

It's just another natural tool to add to your self care belt!

Simplicity is best when it comes to your health and well being.

Keep is simple, keep it mindful and you will always be connected.

All my love,

V x


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