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My Octopus Teacher Documentary

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I mentioned this beautiful documentary in class this morning, It will teach you so much about the wonders and unknowns about nature, but it will also teach you so much about yourself. For years I had always had a fear about deep underwater realms, the creatures, the depth but it turns out that this was my mind creating fear, and essentially it boils down to how we deal the unknown. Yoga has taught me everything about emotion, thoughts, time, feelings, the intelligence of the body, way beyond the physical postures. The rights, the wrongs and the ways how we react. How often have you put off doing something out of fear? An experience that could change your life, but you don't do it out of fear.

The goal isn't to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings, the goal is to change your response to them.

I have said this so many time to you, my students, friends and continuously remind myself "Beyond fear is joy". An inspiring quote that will forever influence the way that I teach. So next time you feel fear, take a few moments to process and have the willingness to understand, what's the worst that can happen?

There is COMPLETE beauty in the unknown. Like a child, imagine learning new skills every single day, learning to read, how we fathom words and create language, We are incredible. xx


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