Chakra Yoga Workshop

Updated: Mar 17

wildlove yoga


The final workshop for this month is the Chakra Yoga workshop. I'll be sharing an in depth exploration into the Chakra system, learn how the chakras are connected physically and emotionally, learn how to create balance and understand how they manifest within the body.

Root Chakra - Stability, Foundation for life.

Sacral Chakra - Fluidity & Creativity.

Solar Plexus - Inner strength, Drive, Decision making.

Heart Chakra - Love, Acceptance, Empathy.

Throat Chakra - Communication, too much, lack of.

Third Eye - Intuition, Clear mind.

Crown - Connected to all, trust, surrendering to the journey of life.

I'll be sharing about how the chakras make us feel emotionally, and how the may cause imbalance within the body. I'll be sharing a yoga practice and techniques to heal and balance the body and mind.

Saturday 26th March

£20 per person


The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington.

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