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Chakra Yoga Workshop

Im sharing a very special Chakra yoga workshop which will help balance, open and replenish your energy. Come and enjoy a two hour yoga workshop where I'll be leading a yoga practice that focuses on each Chakra, explore physical postures and while moving through the practice be inspired by the qualities and influences of each energy centre. The yoga practice will be slow and mindfully interweaved with philosophy, learn the Mudra for each chakra (hand gesture) and an affirmation to connect to the energy of each centre. This is a beautifully designed practice to heal the whole body and mind. Leave feeling refreshed, rebalanced and come and know yourself a little better.

Grounding Postures - Stillness and strength.

Fluidity and Flow - Connecting to the Sacral chakra.

Core Work - Stoking our inner fire.

Heart opening - Shoulder and upper back release.

Sound & Vibration - Enjoy learning the seed sounds for each chakra.

Clear thinking - A guided body scan meditation.

Connection and surrender - Embodying the full practice as one joyful exploration!

At the end of the physical practice we rest, enjoy a guided body scan relaxation with visualisation and Chakra awareness. While you allow the body to rest you will be soothed by crystal singing bowls which correspond to each Chakra.

SATURDAY 27h MAY 11.00pm-1.00pm

£20 per person +£2 booking fee

The Oaks Community Hall, Kidderminster

Suitable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced, you are invited to enjoy a practice that suits your individual needs. Yoga means to unite, your body, mind and spirit and within this workshop we will take the time to completely connect to our inner being. Please bring: Yoga Mat Cushion/Blanket Thick cosy socks Comfortable clothes for practice.

You do not need any experience on the Chakras to enjoy this session, All sessions are suitable for everyone (ages 16+), Layers and modifications are always offered and you are always encouraged to do what you can.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch anytime,

V x


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