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A passport photo if I ever did see one. I wanted to capture my energy at the beginning of this year, to mark the time and space after the year just passed. A year that has changed all of our lives, my personal experience it has been the most amazing chance to reevaluate absolutely everything. Priorities have changed, work life balance, home, family and personal time played a bigger role and it continues to do so. I hope that you have all taken the chance to reflect and notice the impact everything around us has on our mind, body and soul.

I love how we age, how we change and evolve, our skin changes, our bodies and mind adapt to everything we feel and experience. Here is me, almost 34 years of age and feeling younger and more vibrant than I ever have. I’m 10 stone as opposed to 7, ive replaced my six pack with a wobbling happy Buddha belly but I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’ve filled myself up from the inside on good food, I’ve taught yoga and Pilates every day since lockdown 1 began, I’ve never stopped my personal practice. I took a week off this Christmas (& a social media detox) I meditate more, I cook more, my time with Gus has been so intently connected, I personally love him being at home so I can learn with him. We cook together, he’s allowed to express his independence and knows his boundaries, our relationship is in a place that couldn’t be anymore beautiful. Walking miles, embracing every weather forecast with open hands and bare feet. I love and live with a guy that is my exact opposite and shares the same values and morals, he allows me to be my authentic wild stupid self and will never hold me back. We read together, we watch inspiring documentaries with each other which makes us want to sell up and live in the jungle, we practice self care and self love which makes us even closer, we are free and yet we are as one. Here’s to celebrating you, as an individual living your best life. Showing up for yourself every day and embracing how you feel whether it’s good or bad, enjoying all the happiness, inviting in the discomfort to learn from it. Everything that you go through makes you the person you are at this moment and only you have a choice on how you get there. All my love. V x



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