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End Of August Workshops - SPECIAL OFFER

As we move towards the end of the month it is time to celebrate and welcome in the seasons changes, the cool fresh air seems to be wandering in and the leaves are changing colour.

Ive had an amazing August sharing less workshops than normal and they have been incredibly special, Im looking forward to sharing this weekends as a celebration of change.

This Saturdays 27th August sessions close the month on the energy of the new moon where we can shed old layers and create new intentions to carry through into September.

Im also sharing a little offer as Im feeling extra loved up and want to share yoga with as many as I can .... scroll for your special offer!




Bodenham Arboretum, Wolverley

You are invited to join Victoria Waits in the beautiful grounds of Bodenham Arboretum for an outdoor yoga practice. Enjoy a slow flowing practice that will build strength and flexibility, release physical and emotional stress. Reconnect to nature, relax and gain a deep inner connection to your body and mind. Learn breathing techniques to calm the mind, enjoy guided meditations and move your body in new ways.

You will be guided through the postures with layers and modifications to suit your needs, come and enjoy a little self care time and unwind with the birds, sunshine and trees.


Please bring:

A yoga mat. Comfortable clothing. Blanket & Pillow. Layers suitable for the weather on that day!

Classes are weather permitting and if it's cancelled we offer a rescheduled date or refund.

This is a great opportunity to reconnect back to nature, to enjoy socialising with like minded people, move your body and enjoy a little self care time!




The Oaks Community Hall

£20 Per person

As we celebrate this New Moon in August we also give ourselves time to manifest our ideas and nourishment for September. This workshop we move through a yoga practice allowing the shedding of old layers and habits, creating space for new energy and lightness.

Enjoy visualisation and poetic teaching by Victoria, weaving a journey into a soft heart and relaxed body. Here we make the first steps into Autumn air and the energy of Virgo.

Our yoga practice will be gentle soft movements that allow the body to release and open at its own pace. Enjoy movements that are seamless and inspired by the practice of Yin. Restful, supported and the perfect way to balance our energies through summer.

+ Enjoy a yoga practice which allows us to shed old tensions and ideas, take off the heavy layers to step into a newer version of yourself.

+ Deep relaxation with live sound bath with crystal singing bowls. chimes, hand pan and other beautiful instruments.

Please bring:

Yoga Mat

Cushions/Blankets (Single duvets & thick blankets for sound bath).

Comfortable clothes for practice.

The workshops are open to all levels and abilities, with modifications for each posture and the encouragement to do what feels right for you, you are invited to come and unwind. All sessions are suitable for everyone (ages 16+).


As a gift from me to you Im offering x2 places for the price of one for the New Moon Workshop, So pay for yourself and bring a friend along, or family member. Come and enjoy the energy together, lets celebrate and support each other. Xx

If you are bringing a friend along please state their name upon booking!


As we honour and welcome change with the new season and month lets give ourselves a little time to reflect on our August, what would you like to carry into September? What do you feel it's time to let go of?

As always, my love, to you and yours.

V x


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