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Feeling the beauty of life with the new moon in Taurus.

Updated: May 11, 2021

On Tuesday 11th May 2021 at 7.59pm Lunar moon will begin her journey into her next cycle, shining her brand new light in the sign of the bull that is Taurus. With each new cycle she offers us the opportunity to travel with her, following her ebb and flow. Through low energy to high energy and she brings us the magic to start afresh and begin something new. With her new Lunar light she invites us to create a new intention for the month ahead and as her face changes throughout her cycle, she allows us to work towards our intention, release what is no longer needed and celebrate our achievements. Powerful stuff isn’t it?

For this new beginning Lunar will shine her light at 21* Taurus. New moons always occur when Lunar and Sol (the sun our universal soul star) are sitting together in conjunction of that particular Zodiac sign. In the sign of the great bull she is pulling us back to the beauty of the earth, grounding our intentions in her fertile soil. Taurus is a fixed sign that is reliable, practical and stable. She is the ruler of the second house in the zodiac and therefore governs over our finances, worldly possessions and the way we see the beauty in the world. She awakens our senses to the pleasures that surround us and calls us to look at our beliefs and values. Her shadow is said to be her stubbornness so be mindful to where you are being resistant now as this may be holding you back from being able to bloom. It is helpful to look at your own natal chart to see any planetary goddess placements around 21* Taurus and which house she is ruling to find deeper meaning for you personally. However for the collective Taurus says; Are you being true to your own values? How does your intention connect to your values and beliefs?

Her ruling planet is non other than the lover goddess Venus and she is holding her space in the early degrees of Gemini alongside the North node and Mercury. She will bring an emphasis around the need for new information and communication. Perhaps we will be more open to finding the truth so that we can progress further? Where do you feel you need more information to enable you to make an informed choice? Venus is also in trine aspect to Pluto in the final degrees of Capricorn possibly allowing some softening of the current breakdown in the structures that we once knew during this new lunar phase.

Supporting this new Lunar light is the planetary goddess Neptune holding her place in the celestial seas at 22* of Pisces. In her home sign Neptune takes us back to our imagination and to a place where our dreams exist. This holds great potential in making our dreams into a reality. Take this time as an opportunity to gain the information and use your imagination to bring your wildest dreams down to earth. Within you is the power to create what it is you desire and outside of you is the magic to make it happen. So what is your biggest dream right now? How can you take the steps towards making it happen?

Embodiment Practices. Nature is the medicine for this new Lunar cycle. With the Taurus energy taking us back to mother Earth, ensure you make time to be out in nature over the next couple of days. Connect into all of your senses. Feel the earth beneath your feet, smell the sweet scent of flowers, taste your breath as you breathe in the wild and hear the sounds of the birds as they sing. This will bring you back into the present moment and give you an opportunity to recognise the beauty that is all around you always.

In the physical body Taurus links to the throat, neck and vocal cords. It will be helpful to practice some gentle movements to support the release of tension in the neck and to aid in opening the throat chakra. It is also important to be aware that the altar major chakra otherwise known as the mouthpiece of the goddess, is also located at the back of the neck so any energy work taking place in this area will help you to gain a deeper connection to her wisdom.

Crystals that will support the energy of Taurus include; Lapis Lazuli, Adventurine, Green Jade and Rose quartz. Any of these can be used during the Taurus season to draw in her energy and assist in practices of creating and manifesting intentions. You may even wish to plant your crystal into the earth later in the moon’s cycle to signify non attachment and let mother Earth work her magic.

I will be sharing some of these embodiment practices over on my facebook page in the next couple of days so be sure to head over to

New Moon in Taurus Goddess Invocation Great Lunar love I call to thee, take my hand and walk with me. open my senses and awaken my inner light, let me seek guidance through your stella stars this night. Ground my intentions into mother earths soil, bring down my spiral of dreams as they recoil. I trust in the magic that is going to begin and I am open to feeling everything.

This is my interpretation of the current energies surrounding this Lunar moon cycle and in line with goddess in the stars. Embodiment practices surround the idea of stella star story medicine and how this can be used to enable you to harness the magic of the above and bring it through you into the manifestation of Earth. To find out more or to seek further guidance please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am sending you well wishes and blessings of the stella stars for this new moon.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx

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