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Recreating structure with the full moon in Capricorn.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

So we move into the next phase as Lunar shines her light so bright this Thursday 24th June 21 at around 7.30pm uk time. This is yet another powerful time particularly as we are still holding the energy of the summer solstice and recent eclipse portal. Not to mention some of the other celestial cycles that are taking place. Allow me to guide you through my thoughts and interpretations of this coming full moon in the sign of Capricorn.

Lunar has made her journey into the sign of the sea goat. As she rests here in opposition to Sol in the sign of the celestial Crab mother that is Cancer, she brings us the wisdom of what is needing to be released to enable us to move forwards. Lunar will illuminate everything, so let her be the highlighting force to guide your path. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign gifting us the ability to initiate and the strength to keep going even in the face of challenges. The goat continues to climb the mountain no matter what the weather or obstacles that lie ahead. She is focused and steadfast. She will continue on the path she has set for herself to reach her highest ambitions. If you are needing to be disciplined with something now she will support you. Maybe ask yourself how can I create better structure in my life now and what can I release in order to help this happen? Capricorn holds the element of Earth and enables us to feel more grounded and secure. But her shadow side can be rigid and reluctant to change, disconnecting from emotions and holding back the energy of their true self. This is when we can create balance by drawing in the watery energy of Sol in the sign of Cancer. As her light is reflected from Lunar’s surface we can link in to the flow of her waters, bringing us the magic to move with change whilst making sure we nurture our true selves.

Capricorns ruling planetary goddess is Saturn our karmic task mistress who brings us the lessons we are here to learn this lifetime. Saturn rules over time as she sits between the personal and outer planets. She is in essence, the bridge between. She is the wise and ancient crone who watches over us bringing teachings and guidance when needed. Saturn is currently on her retrograde journey in the sign of Aquarius. She calls us to think about how we can take responsibility for our own lives and if we don’t, how might this impact the collective? During this full moons light Saturn will be squaring both Mars in Leo and Uranus in Taurus. Perhaps you feel some restrictions around taking physical action right now? Ask yourself where you are feeling stuck and what can be released to support your forward motion? Remember that you do have time if you can bring yourself back to present moment.

Also during this lunation both Sol and Lunar will be in a Trine to the planetary goddess Jupiter. Known for her expansion of all things, Jupiter will support you to connect to your creative abilities and ways in which you can expand further. Even in her retrograde journey she is highlighted to give you the opportunity to re-think and re-create. We just have to be ready to release our fears and embrace the miracles that can occur.

Embodiment of the full moon in Capricorn. Capricorn energy manifested into the physical body relates to the skeletal system, in particular the joints. This is a perfect time to release tension in these areas and free up the body to move with the flow. Shake and release- Stand with your feet grounded into mother Earth allow your extremities to gently start to shake. Allow this shaking movement to travel throughout the whole body. As you do this imagine you are releasing what you no longer need. In essence you are shaking it off! Flow and free- sit or lie in a comfortable position and working from the feet begin to circle each of the joints in turn. For example, start at the ankles move up to the knees and so forth. This will increase lubricating fluid around the joints so they can move with flow and freedom. Being an Earth element, Capricorn asks us to ground into mother Earth’s energy so spend time outdoors where you can over the next couple of days. Maybe go for a long walk where there are hills that bring a little challenge to your journey.

Full moon in Capricorn goddess invocation Oh ancient mother Earth I call to thee, please highlight what no longer serves and is restricting me. I ask for your strength, your wisdom and your power to bring forth what is true to me this hour.

If you feel you would like some further guidance or support understanding and working with the current astrological energies please reach out.

I am sending well wishes and blessings of the stella stars for this full moon in Capricorn.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx



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