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Aquarius Full Moon Magic

On Saturday 24th July 2021 at 3.36am UK time, Lunar moon will shine her brightest at 1° of the sign of the water bearing goddess that is Aquarius. This is the first of 2 powerful full moons taking place in this sign with the second happening on 22nd August 2021. The most important thing you need to know about this Lunar magic is that her story takes us back to the great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter that took place on the winter solstice 2020. So the first thing to consider is what themes were strong in your life during this time? What was happening for you? These themes are likely to be reactivated now and collective themes will most definitely be highlighted for society. As you may be aware this powerful conjunction initiated our transition into the Aquarian age and with two full moons in the sign of the stella star queen coming up, this energy will be strong! We are also approaching the Sabbath of Lammas/Lughnasadh as part of the Pagan wheel of the year.

This time symbolises the nearing end of Summer and calls for us to begin the harvest. Starting to think about what has grown for us over this last year and considering what seeds we might want to plant to prepare us for the next? When we think of Harvest we are drawn into gratitude and Sol sitting in the sign of Lioness aids this sense. Linked deeply to the heart, Leo guides us into gratitude and asks us to celebrate all the things that are good in our lives. If we don’t cherish it, we will forget it! We need this magic to learn not to take things for granted. Despite all the challenges we are facing as a collective there is always a reason to be grateful. Lunar moon gives us this chance to celebrate within her cycle, as well as knowing what needs to be released in order to continue to evolve.

Lunar in Aquarius highlights themes surrounding the new age, freedom, technology, shocking change and collective energy. How are you embracing your ability to evolve? Are you rising up as part of the future rebellion? How might you contribute to the changes needed in society to us to evolve as a collective? There is magic in this powerful moon. She links directly to the stella star queen Arianrhod and asks you to listen to her guidance and wisdom as you transcend into your cosmic crystalline self. Allow these new codes to come in now and embrace the change that can bring us to freedom.

During this powerful phase, Lunar moon will be conjunct Saturn our goddess of ancient wisdom and karmic law, also still holding her place in the sign of Aquarius. She still awakens our awareness to the current restrictions and how we might be holding ourselves back right now. So it is important to consider the karmic lessons we have journeyed through over the last 8 months, to see if we are now ready to cross the rainbow bridge and release what has held us in within these old patterns and timelines. We must also acknowledge Pluto, the goddess of death and rebirth who is also in a conjuction (yet out of sign) with Lunar, who is still working her magic to destroy the old structures and systems that have restricted us. This cycle will come to completion in 2024 when Pluto finally enters Aquarius. The ruling planetary goddess of this lunation is Uranus and she currently sits square to Saturn in the sign of Taurus the bull. She will reiterate the energy highlighted above and guides you to become aware of your mission on this earthly plain asking you again how you might support the collective consciousness to rise up? Standing together and creating a reality where we can find balance and peace between humanity and our Earth mother.

Both Sol in Leo and Mercury in Cancer who are dancing in an out of sign conjunction are trine with Neptune in Pisces and this is likely to bring in the power to connect with your imagination. This is enabling us to create from a place of love and spiritual oneness. Listen to your intuition and messages that may appear as you walk through the dream worlds right now. They will bring you the guidance and knowledge to except the changes needed and be open to expansion and new light.

Stella star story embodiment

We are part of the bridge between the above and the below. It is important to learn how we can draw this energy down from the cosmos and embody it in the physical layer.

Aquarius is an air sign and the best way we can harness her energy is through our own breath and flow of movement. Begin by bringing the hands to heart centre in either a sitting or standing position. (If you can do this outdoors under the full moon it will be all the more powerful) With your hands at heart centre, connect to love held within your heart (the heart of the lioness). As you take a breath in, begin to raise the hands, palms still connected up to the sky. Raise your gaze to your hands and imagine the flow of energy from lunar coming in through your fingers. As the energy transcends through your body breathe out and let your hands part drawing the energy down with the arms. You can repeat this movement as may times you feel you need to.

Lunar goddess invocation

To call in the support of goddess during this powerful time please speak the invocation to Arianrhod (Celtic Queen of the stella stars) below;

Stella star queen from the heavens above, I call for your wisdom and ask you to send me love. As you spin the wheel of fate the silver threads bring magic to create. Please hold me here in your starry embrace so that I may evolve in reverence and grace.

This is my interpretation of the current story in the cosmos in relation to this particular lunation and the medicine that may support you to understand what is needed to allow you to move through the energy with ease.

If you feel you require more support or would like to discover your own story in the stella stars (your birth chart) please feel free to reach out to me.

I am sending you blessings for this full Lunar light.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx



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