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Free Relaxation Yoga

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Its your last chance to get booked onto tomorrow's Free Yoga practice!

A one of a kind session that is open to everyone, enjoy a long and deep relaxation practice with Yin Yoga, subtle movements, supported postures and a long guided Yoga Nidra.

The New year can make us feel or sorts of things, whether we are party goers and enjoy dancing into the night or we like to stay home watching Jools Holland and fall asleep before 12pm! I like to use this time to be quiet, to reflect, to meditate and to really connect to myself with all the lessons of the year.

Im opening up this sacred space to share it with you, if you feel you need to do the same, to just rest and do nothing, that you feel called to be with yourself now more than ever.

Join me online: WEDNESDAY 29th DEC 9.00-10.00pm FREE TO ALL!

I'll be guiding a slow practice where we use pillows and blankets to rest into each pose, I'll be adding super slow lazy movements to help unlock stress and tension within the body. At the end of the practice you will be guided through a 15 minute (possibly longer!) relaxation!

Join me online via zoom, open to all levels ages 16+ No experience necessary.

Happy New year! x



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