Full Moon in Libra- Healing and Harmony

Updated: Mar 29

At 7.48pm GMT on 28th March 2021, we welcome full Lunar’s light in her supermoon form in the sign of the karmic scales that is Libra. She is about to illuminate our whole being and brings powerful magic of transformation. As a Supermoon she is currently closer to our beloved Gaia and therefore bringing a strong influence through her milky silver light.

Full Lunar light is always a time to release but also to celebrate what has come to fruition for us since the last new moon where we were swimming in the celestial waters of Pisces. This is the first full moon of the astrological year and is therefore a significant one. Lunar in her full light will be sitting at 8° of Libra. Libra is a Cardinal air sign and holds the energy of initiation. She is ruled by the planetary goddess of love that is Venus, and she is also playing a big part in this lunation. Librain energy is all about balance, harmony and justice. She takes us on a journey into relationships and how we are connecting with those around us. It is useful to look at the Libra area of your own natal chart and to the astrological house she falls in for you to understand how this may impact you personally. She will have a connection to any of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) so maybe look at the energy that is held in these signs too.

As with any full moon, Sol sits in opposition and with Lunar’s superfull light in Libra, Sol is holding her space in the sign of the Warrioress Aries. But that’s not all, Venus is also sitting in Aries, as is the medicine woman Chiron. They are all conjoined together at 8° and bringing a strong energetic frequency linking us to our own identity and sense of authenticity in the world. With the initiation from the Venus Stargate on Friday, we are being pulled to recognise who we are and what we are creating. Now is the time to notice how you feel in your own skin. What makes you unique and how are you being authentic in all things? With the energy of C