Full moon of the Earthly Priestess

Updated: Feb 28

Tonight Lunar ascended in the east with her almost full light glistening in all its glory. With her she brings her story of sorting the wheat from the chaff and releasing all that is no longer supporting our progression. She will awaken our physical senses and arouse the earthly priestess within.

Lunar’s light will be shinning full at 8.17am GMT on Saturday 27th February 2021. She is the snow moon in the farmers almanac because although January is usually the coldest month of the year, the snow is said to fall around a month later. She is the last full moon of the winter period and she is resting in the sign of Virgo, the earthly priestess. She brings with her the gifts of practicality, routine, organisation and the ability to ground ourselves by recognising what needs to be decluttered now. Have you felt her energy yet? Perhaps you have felt a need to clean, tidy and get organised?

Virgo is a mutable Earth element sign ruled by the planetary goddess Mercury. She connects to our communication and mental abilities, bringing the power to multitask and allowing our minds to handle many things. For those of us on a spiritual path Virgo offers the magic of devotion to service and can draw out the magic from the mudane. Where is Virgo in your Natal chart and how may she guide your path right now?

Full Lunar light is traditionally a time of celebration and release. Looking back at the intentions you set at the beginning of her last cycle what have you achieved so far? What is holding you back from your dreams right now? So what can you let go of in order to heal progress on your path? Virgo will bring you grounded thoughts so that you can finally sort the wheat from the chaff and make a robust plan for your future whilst letting go of the past.

As Lunar holds her place shining brightly in Virgo, Sol our Sun star is in opposition floating through the celestial waters of Pisces. She is guiding us back to our intuition, allowing us to swim with her through the magical depths. She shows us our dreams and Lunar’s light will illuminate them. Venus has also joined Sol in the sign of the celestial fish and she will remind us of the beauty in everything, the world that surrounds us and every being in it. She will ask us what it is we need to heal through forgiveness and how we can rise above it all to the