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Heart Chakra Workshop - Self Love

Im really looking forward to sharing this workshop with you in two weeks, a practice all about self care and love, something that isn't on top of our priority list. If you have attended self care workshops before this one is almost like an upgraded version, where we can focus purely on the Heart Chakra and find some moments of deep healing and spaciousness.

This workshop is open to all who feel a deep need to return back home, home into their hearts and minds, bodies and emotions. This heart chakra workshop is a welcome place where we can gentle move through opening the body and mind.

Enjoy a physical yoga practice releasing the shoulders, chest and upper back with added myofascial release and Yin postures (incredible at creating space like you have never felt before!). You will be guided through poetic philosophy that will help heal and open the heart. You can also enjoy learning EFT to release worry and stress, and benefit from the most beautiful facial Guasha massage and gift box handmade by yours truly.

This workshop is open to absolutely everyone and no experience is needed.

Saturday 11th February.


The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington.

Thing of it as a perfect self love gift to yourself for Valentines day. I would love to see you there and be a part of the nourishment and nudge that you can give yourself to love yourself a little bit more.

(Dont forget the next Yoga & Sound Bath session is on the 12th Feb!)

Kind eyes, warm hugs,

V x



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