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Honouring Truth's, Separation & Friendship.

Within our lives we move through changes, through discomfort, through open doors, through comfort and through life within the blink of an eye. It's important to be accepting that change is inevitable, to accept and also welcome it in, it can create great growth and progress in our personal lives. We rarely make true progress in life staying within our comfort zones.

Myself and Michelle have taught collaboration yoga and sound baths together for a few years now, they truly have been beautiful connected gatherings where we have shared wholeheartedly. We have taught and met so many wonderful people while working together and are grateful to have collectively shared our love and our passions.

We have decided to honour change within our working relationship and respect each others truths. We have had beautiful conversations about how we feel, our relationship, our businesses and our friendship. As one chapter closes for our collaborations we allow a new chapter to begin as we inspire each other to bloom independently, still love and support each other and will continue to live our truths and grace in sisterhood.

I cannot thank Michelle enough for everything she has taught me, her strength, her authenticity, her wild, her raw, her truth. She has inspired me and allowed me to be completely myself now and over the years and I cant thank her enough for that. I feel blessed that we have connected and will always be connected, to our friendship and new chapters. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would love to reach out and share her details with you, as a way of still keeping in touch, to be inspired and to support her independently.

Facebook page:



Our last collaboration together will be on Saturday 12th March,

you are warmly invited to join us.

All our love,

V & M x


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