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January News!

We are back in the studio tomorrow and lets embrace practices with inquisitive intentions, with self belief and the reminder that we can start anything, any time. Im excited to start this new year with a fresh perspective and offer reflection on all the things I learnt last year, and hold close the things I am incredibly grateful for.

Theres something new on the horizon, a NEW CLASS! That starts Tuesday evening. Now we are in January its very normal for people to be itching to try something new, and I want to offer a yoga practice that brings in a little more movement and playfulness to our bodies and minds. Tuesday nights class at 6.00pm is now a wonderful slow flow class, still open to absolutely everyone, beginners to advanced and as its a small group I want things to be a practice that gives participants more nourishment and self development. Ill be offering lovely sequences with many different postures, different themes, different philosophies and also giving hands on adjustments, personal insight. I feel its important to keep things evolving and this is what this class will do.

Bookings are open and you can join me bi weekly anytime you like, just be sure to book as these small group classes always fill up fast. You can also find the YIN & MYOFASCIAL class still on the timetable, its just straight after the flow! If you want to do both, ill send over a coupon code for a little discount.



I still haven't had confirmation whether I am going to Vipassana, I have confirmed my waiting list place but not had anymore information, I will be emailing tomorrow so ill let you know if I have any updates. If you have booked onto the workshops for this month you will have already received and email about the date change, so you can now find Januarys workshops on the weekend of the 28th.

As soon as I hear anything with time off and wether Im going to Vipassana ill let you know, because if Im not I might add another workshop date to the diary!

I would love you to come along and explore your journey of self care, allow yourself to be guided in my safe hands and heart and be lifted into a space that makes you shine your light.


NEW FOR 2023!!!

I am SO excited for this monthly session starting in February, it just seems to fit perfectly with Wildlove, a self care workshop in the forest. You will love the space and I cannot wait to offer the most delicious of practices with you.

Self Care Sunday is a practice dedicated to bringing you back home to yourself. The perfect chance to reconnect back to your body and mind, while enjoying the most beautiful views while practicing. This session offers a combination of practices, and each month will offer a different theme and intention.

You can enjoy learning meditation techniques to calm a busy mind, varied yoga practices inspired by a whole array of wonderful intentions and philosophies. Sometimes we may journal, sometimes we may explore face yoga, self massage, myofascial release, EFT, sound healing. These Self Care Sunday sessions are a wholesome package that will leave you feeling grounded, at ease and beautiful from the inside out. Every time you come to practice you will take away a new technique that can inspire personal & spiritual growth. You will also receive a little self care gift box with gifts in keeping with the session.


Starting 5th Feb


£20 per person Wyre Forest Visitors Centre, Callow Hill, Bewdley.

(The space we are practicing in will be sign posted, we are indoors in a cosy warm space which I am in love with).

+ Be soothed by nature and admire the changing seasons at the Wyre Forest Visitors Centre. + Enjoy different practices to soothe your body and mind, explore a variety of modalities to keep your self care routine fresh and unique to you.

+ Open to all levels ages 16+, no experience necessary, all abilities welcome, modifications and adaptions are gently given within the yoga part of the practices.

+ Take away a self care gift box to keep you inspired for the month ahead.

+ Bring blankets, cushions and let's enjoy creating a self care routine together.


Thats just a little snippet of whats to come in the new year and with the working week beginning tomorrow I thought I better share this now as Ive been offline for a month!

Welcome home my loves,

V x


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