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Last Chance To Book! This Weekends Workshops!

Oh my what a gorgeous weekend I have planned for you all!! Im so excited to share this weekends workshops with you all.

This is just a final call for those who are interesting in coming along, tomorrow mornings self care workshop is SOLD OUT!!




The Wild Woman Workshop with Shasha Crow has 2 special places left!

A wild woman workshop, reawaken your inner wild woman, let's weave, sway, shake and reignite our passion for life. This practice we allow ourselves to connect to the feminine energy, Shakti. An energy that allows us to find self expression, sensuality, fluidity and adaptability. Masculine energy is Yang, powerful, action and doing. Feminine energy is Yin, stillness, weaving and open. Here we will share space working through practices to inspire self love and heart healing.

+ Enjoy soothing self massage for the neck, arms, shoulders.

+ A playful yoga practice that lets us spiral, sway, shake and connect to our sacral and root chakras (it may get a little wild!)

+ Yin yoga to deeply stretch the hips, and pelvic bowl.

+ Partner yoga postures and breath work with goddess philosophy.

+ Guided meditation and relaxation with essential oils and a sound journey from Victoria & Shasha.

Saturday 8th Oct 6.00-8.00pm

£20 per person

V & S




The deep relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath session on Sunday evening is filling up fast!

Sunday 9th Oct 6.00-8.00pm. Areley Kings Village Hall, Astley Cross.

This practice is the perfect opportunity to recalibrate, to rest and to create more space in your life. This is a monthly immersion to help you settle into a deep state of rest. From busy lives, demanding jobs, to do lists, hectic schedules and a wandering mind its sometimes very difficult for us to switch off and enjoy a little time for ourself. This session offers a journey into releasing physical tension with a gentle and relaxing yoga practice, allowing you to breathe and relax into each posture with the use of props. We then settle for a long relaxation (45 minutes), within the relaxation you rest comfortably and will be guided through a meditation, this could be inspired by the seasons, philosophy, a quote, a visualisation, each practice will be different. Accompanying the guided relaxation will be live sounds, from singing bowls, chimes, drum, rainstick, hand pan, gong and voice this will then lead into a full sound bath experience allowing your body & mind to move through a journey of resting and releasing. This is one of the most profound practices you will ever experience and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Benefits of this practice are:

+ A calmer and clearer mind.

+ Decreased stress levels.

+ Increased mobility & flexibility.

+ Improved posture.

+ Reduced stress & anxiety.

+ Increased lung capacity & circulation.

+ Improved cognition and body awareness.

+ Aids deep sleep.


6.00-8.00pm £20 per person Areley Kings Village Hall Areley Common, Astley Cross, Stourport-on-Severn DY13 0NB

Upcoming Dates: October 9th November 20th December 4th January 15th February 12th March 12th April 23rd

Please bring your yoga mat. Please wear comfortable clothing which allows freedom of movement, layers to take off when warmed up and layers to put back on for warmth. Please bring pillows and thick blankets. (Single duvets, sleeping bags, thick blankets, socks, countless pillows!).

Want to know a little more about sound baths? Click here for an in depth blog post:


Sending you all so much love for this weekend, I look forward to seeing you if you're booked onto any of the workshops, lets unravel!

V x


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