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Monday I love you!

MONDAY you give me LIFE! I’ve had a really productive day and really love Mondays, Mondays are sometimes often seen as marmite right? You either love or you hate it, I think it’s important that we embrace our cycles from morning to evening, to move and adapt through the day, to strip back the emotional layers and connect with the earths rhythm. As we end our day, before we sleep take a few moments away from distraction and noise, find a quiet place (yes it can even be the closet!) and just close your eyes, count your blessings, remind yourself everything you’re grateful for, acknowledge things that have made you feel uncertain or uncomfortable and help yourself understand how you could change a reaction or an emotion. When the new day starts take a deep breath in and know that each day you create yourself, carry yourself lightly with an open heart, plant your feet firmly in the ground, be strong, brave and honest. Here’s to a strong and beautiful week ahead, big loves!


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