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New Workshops added!

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Im so happy to share many more workshops with you this year, our gorgeous outdoor yoga classes are back at Bodenham and Im very excited to be teaching my classes at amazing festivals this year. Ill keep you updated as the weeks go by as there will be more to share with you Im sure!

So whats upcoming? Have you got these in your diary?!

Feb 26th - 11.00-2.00pm YOGA POSTURE WORKSHOP

March 12th - 11.00-2.00pm ASHTANGA*

March 12th - 5.00-8.00pm DEEP REST SOUND BATH w/Michelle

March 26th - 11.00-2.00pm CHAKRA YOGA

April 9th - 11.00-1.00pm SPRING SELF CARE w/Rebecca

April 9th - 5.00-8.00pm SPRING RELAX SOUNDBATH

April 23rd 12.00-1.00pm FREE OUTDOOR YOGA

April 23rd - 5.00-7.00pm CANDLELIT RELAXATION YOGA

May 7th - 11.00-2.00pm ASHTANGA* w/Ian

May 7th - 5.00-8.00pm TBC

May 27-29th - EARTH RETREAT

June 4th - BURNING WOMAN FESTIVAL times/days TBC

June 10-12th - ORBIT FESTIVAL times/days TBC

June 18th - 11.00-1.00pm OUTDOOR YOGA @Bodenham

July 16th - 11.00-1.00pm OUTDOOR YOGA @Bodenham

July 29-31st WORLD YOGA (Not teaching but attending!)

August 27th - 11.00-1.00pm OUTDOOR YOGA @Bodenham

September 10th - 11.00-1.00pm OUTDOOR YOGA @Bodenham

September 23-25th - EARTH RETREAT

Yep, my years booked out and I was hoping to get a holiday in there somewhere!

You are all openly invited to join me on the mat anytime, it would be lovely to connect.

Workshops are open to all levels ages 16+ (excluding Ashtanga!), Postures are always guided with modifications and layers so they are suitable for all attending. These gatherings are conscious and intimate making a more personal experience, you are welcome to ask questions, interact, sit and listen, rest or take part.

You can find more information for individual workshops just here:

Loads of love,

V x

*Experience and familiarity needed.


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