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Rise & Shine Yoga Updates!

Updated: Jan 1, 2022


I mentioned a few weeks ago about bringing the Rise & Shine online class on a Saturday forward to an earlier time of 9.00-10.00am. Now its the 6 week holidays Im mindful of my time with Gus and want to be able to spend the whole day with him, teaching in the morning & at the studio & then Bodenham ever other week means I haven't had a 'Saturday off' since I started teaching.

Please leave feedback in the comments or directly message me to give me an idea of what you think! (You can find a poll on my facebook page). An early start means we can all enjoy a wake up together, practice before breakfast (which is what we're supposed to do!) and start the day the right way, it also then gives us chance to enjoy a full day with a spring in our step!

This also may appeal to more people and be a better time for you to enjoy the weekend! Please vote!! Thank you soooo much! x


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