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Self Care Sunday - In person workshops

I feel so excited to share upcoming Self care events with you this year, in 2022 I ran self care workshops almost every two weeks last year and they were full to the brim with wonderful souls who enjoyed practices and techniques to bring them back home to themselves. This year ill be sharing MONTHLY self care workshops, in person at a new incredible space (my favourite yet) at the Wyre Forest Discovery Centre at Callow Hill. A gorgeous space with floor to ceiling windows allowing us to practice while absorbing the beautiful views of nature in all seasons.

The first session is on the 5th February and they will run 11.00-1.00pm, I will still be sharing lots of lovely practices with you but more so as a means to fill you up rather than give you techniques to take away with you. Meaning that they are open for you to attend every month, giving you the perfect opportunity to reset, refresh and fill yourself up with the most beautiful of practices.

Each month will have a different theme, intentions and practices. You can enjoy a variety of modalities like breathing techniques, meditations, visualisation, mantra, sound healing, EFT, self massage, partner yoga, journalling, myofascial release, yin yoga, flow yoga, restorative yoga and Victorias poetic teachings on yogic philosophy in modern life.

It will be lovely to connect with you for our very first gathering and I hope that they inspire you to love yourself more, take time for yourself and know you are WORTH IT!

Come and join me,

All my love,

V x


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