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Self Care workshop this weekend!

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Within this self care workshop we are inspired by Summer! The season of clarity and vibrance, when everything is in full bloom, shining to its full potential!

Self care is something within our lives that often gets put to the bottom of the priority pile. We find we get stressed more easily, we get triggered by the tiniest things, our patience becomes less and we then find ourselves in a vicious cycle of fatigue and overwhelm.

Building a self care practice isn't to be looked at as selfish, it is necessary!

Enjoy 2 hours of inspirational teachings, practices to uplift your spirits, to support and nourish you, to remind you that you are a powerful being. Yoga to move and shake off stress, visualisation meditation to connect to the senses and a self care gift box to make you smile!

SATURDAY 25th JUNE 11.00am - 1.00pm £20 per person. (NHS Discount does not apply)

Within this workshop you will:

+ Enjoy a guided meditation inspired by the summer sun, inner passion and awakening that spark for life.

+ Be guided through a playful yoga flow practice cultivating inner vibrance, clarity and passion., this is a fun one!

+ Slowing down at the end of practice to absorb our inner sunshines warmth and glow, be guided through a lovely Guasha (facial massage) ritual.

+ Take away a self care gift box with goodies from neals yard, lush, your own jade guasha, inspirational card and summer cleansed crystal.

+ Inspiration oracle card wishes with Rebecca.

This workshop is open to everyone! Beginners to advanced, honouring a yoga practice is well rounded and very often starts from a place of self care before physical postures. Come and explore, create balance and enjoy celebrating Summer!

The workshops are held at The Oaks Village Hall in Harvington, Worcestershire.

Spaces are limited and by booking only!

Bring your yoga mat. A notepad and pen. A blanket and pillow. Comfortable clothes.

If you have any questions regarding the classes or workshops please feel free to get in touch anytime.

We cant wait to see you, V & R x



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