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Stella Star Story Seasons 2021- Aries and the Spring Equinox

A big starry welcome to my new look blog. Stella Star Story Seasons. So many of you have received readings with me now. I wanted to take you deeper into the stella mysteries and give you a glimpse of the energy we are working with during the shifting of the celestial cycles. Talk about the story in the stars as it unfolds and bring you the medicine power to embrace, embody and enjoy these transitions. So let us begin.

Today Sol (the sun) completes her journey in the celestial seas and crosses the border into the fiery realms of Aries. At 9.40am GMT we will all feel an energetic pulse as the new astrological year begins. For those of you that may be unaware, Aries is the first sign in our Zodiac making this a new cycle and cosmic new year. Not only that, but this occurance also takes place as the wheel of the year turns to Ostara Spring equinox. This is a time of initiation and growth as the sprouting buds begin to blossom from mother earth’s body.

Ostara as it is known in the Pagan wheel of the year is one of the 8 Sabbaths celebrated in these traditions and corresponds beautifully with the movements of the stars. Although the astrological spring equinox actually comes a little later when Sol reaches 15 degrees of Aries. During this period the energy is expansive and the light starts to win her battle over the dark. We hold the goddess maiden energy and know that we have the power to create from within.

So ask yourself- what did you birth at the time of Imbolc (February) that now begins to grow and flourish?

Aries is the planetary goddess Warrioress and is ruled by the red beauty that is Mars. Her symbol is that of the Ram demonstrating she will be able to push through any obstacles and make space for the new. She is a Cardinal sign meaning a time of new beginnings and her element is fire. She rules over the 1st astrological house which is our home of identity and how we present ourselves to the world around us. Aries brings a fresh start for us all and an opportunity to ignite the fire that burns within to initiate creativity, new projects and birth new ideas. It is a time to sit with who you are and ask if you are happy with your identity? Can you stand tall in your power and begin a sentence with I AM……….

Aries is the energy of I am. She gives you the opportunity to connect with her wisdom to bring you new insights surrounding your self-confidence, self-worth and self-belief. Her power will help you to manifest your desires so be careful what you wish for now. As with every sign Aries has her shadow and we need to be aware so that we do not get burnt by her raging fire. Irritation, frustration and aggression all come with the sign of the Ram so be mindful with your reactions and make sure you don’t become easily irritated.

The best way to look at how this Aries energy will play out for you, is to check out the Aries House in your natal birth chart. What planetary goddess energies are holding space here if any? If you do not have any planets in the sign of Aries do not worry. You can also look at the position of Mars in your chart or the house that Aries in holding space in for you. The first astrological house ruled by the Aries fire will always hold the energy of your ascendant (rising sign) as she sits on its cusp. So what is your ascendant? She says a lot about your evolutionary path and how you are likely to come across to the wider world through your identity.

Embodiment of Aries Aries is the spark of fire that lives within us. She comes out of the dark and lights the path before us. To work with her energy we need to ignite our internal fire. This is the perfect opportunity to start something new. Perhaps an idea has been dreamed up whilst you have travelled through the celestial waters of Pisces (the last astrological sign of the zodiac) and it is now time to initiate that creation. Whether it be the birthing of a new project, starting a new job or learning something new, her fire will bring you the drive and ambition to succeed now. For physical embodiment particularly if you work with a movement practice, Aries sparks the fire of the solar plexus. So working with the core of the body and energy raising movement will relate to her creative fire. In yoga Vinyasa and Ashtanga practices will support you to raise your energy levels and awaken the sleeping dragon within. As will breathing practices that connect to the core such as breath of fire (Kapalabhati breathing) As a physical body part Aries rules the head, including the face, brain, and eyes. Natal Aries is prone to migraines, head injuries and sinus pressure so be mindful how you look after yourself during this season and take care of these areas in the physical body.

Goddess connection If you work with the energy of Goddess in the stars (as I do) you will want to consider working with her fiery, creative archetype during this time. Goddesses such as; Durga, Agneya, Vesta, Freya, Pele and Eris are perfect to work with at this time. You may want to create an altar to connect to her energies and to the energy of Aries. Use beautiful colours of red and orange, crystals such as carnelian, citrine, ruby, Garnet, and clear quartz. I will be sharing a goddess invocation via my social media later this evening so hop over to receive her magic.

I am sending you stella star blessings and well wishes for the Aries season and the spring equinox.

If you would like any further support in understanding these energies or a Stella Star Story Medicine reading to help you gain knowledge and insight of your own Star Story this lifetime, then please get in touch.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx



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