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Summer Nourish Yoga & Sound Bath

I am very excited to share my next yoga and sound bath session with you. This time we are celebrating a summer nourish practice, a practice to uplift, open the physical and emotion body and leave you feeling lighter.

When we feel anxious or stressed it is very easy for us to feel heavy within ourselves. If carrying a heavy coat or bag, we withdraw into ourselves to feel smaller as means of protection. Within this practice we will explore slow gentle fluid movements that allow you to unlock your wings, to soften the heart and ease pain and discomfort through the shoulders and upper back.

You can also enjoy:

Myofascial Release Self massage Heart opening postures Light and inspiring summer sound bath with birds, chimes, singing bowls and leaves.

Enjoy a journey to your heart, to feel free, open and spacious. Take off that heavy coat.

Saturday 18th June 6.00-8.00pm £20 per person

If you are coming along please bring lots of blankets and cushions, i'll have lovely bolster props and blocks with me. Bring your cosy clothes along and let's rest.

V x



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