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Thank you ALL - 12 Days Of Yoga

Thank you ALL so much for joining me over these past 12 days, I have loved every minute creating the videos for you and I do hope that you have loved watching them and practicing them in your own time and space.

The videos will be available to watch until 1st January so you have plenty of time to catch up or rewatch over the Christmas break! Don't worry if you haven't signed up Im leaving it open so if you would like to join up now you can and enjoy the 12 days whenever you like!

If you joined me what were your favourite videos? What did you enjoy? What did you dislike? Would you like to do it again!?

Feedback is always greatly received as Im still learning all the technical side of recording and editing! Please feel free to get in touch or use the feedback form with your ideas and feedback.

The new year brings a few exciting changes for me and I hope these 12 days give you a spring in your step, an opportunity to put you first. Let's enjoy the end of the year, at our own pace, in our own time.

Thank you so much,

V x


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