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Thank you Chakra Yogis!

Thank you for a beautiful Chakra workshop today! It was so special to share it with you and I hope you enjoyed taking alllllll the information in. I had to filter how much I shared as I could talk about just one chakra all day! It was lovely to guide you through practice and I hope that what you have taken away today has given you a little boost in how you look after yourselves and what you move through within life.

The word for colourless (as I mentioned) is Viaraga! Can you see how close it is to Viagra! 😂 Have a little research into it, it’s very interesting! (NOT viagra!)

The books I brought with me are:

🌿Wheels of life - Anodea Judith

🌿The Secret Language Of Your Body - Inna Segal

These are great books to have on the shelf as you can always come back to them, particularly the Secret Language book.

I’m currently writing a History of Chakras blog that is inspired by todays workshop, giving more depth into the Chakra layers, did you know there are actually 114?!

I’ll be sharing another Chakra Yoga workshop in a few months with a longer yoga practice and little snippets of philosophy! I’m so grateful for your time and curiosity. You are all amazing!!

Have a gorgoeus weekend and a happy Mother’s Day to you too!




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