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Welcome to the Video Library!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

I am SO SO happy (and proud, if I do say so myself!) that my first online class video is now open for you to watch and enjoy anytime, anywhere. Its been a beautiful process learning the ins and outs of video production and I hope you enjoy them!

There are so many videos that Im currently editing, finding music for, voice over'ing, cropping etc and you will see more appear within the video library over the weeks to come.

The first video - Hamstrings & Hips Flow is FREE! I wanted to put this out there for you all to enjoy and gain a little more insight into the way I teach.

+ The videos to follow will be £5 per practice giving you the opportunity to watch within 72 hours!

+ Each video varies from 10, 20 minutes - 60 minutes, there will be a huge contrast within the classes. Strong flows, Yin, Pilates, Mobility, Sleep inducing and guided meditations.

+ A monthly subscription will soon be available giving you access to all the videos to watch on demand.

This opens up a whole new branch to the Wildlove Yoga adventure and Im so happy you are on this journey with me. I would love to hear your feedback and your ideas on what you would like me to teach for upcoming videos!

Loads of love,

Victoria x


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