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The secret power of the super full moon in Scorpio

So here we are our first of only two full super moons this astrological year and her energy seems to be building by the minute. Lunar is about to cross into the sign of Scorpioness to ignite her power of transformation through embracing the shadows and finding hidden secrets. She will reach her maximum fullness at 4.31am UK time but as we are all aware, her energy will be potent around a day or so before and after this particular lunation.

This particular Lunar light is known as the pink moon in the farmer’s almanac and is associated with springtime blooms. An appropriate calling as Sol is currently resting in the sign of Taurus and we approach the time of Beltane where all the magical seeds we have planted in early spring begin to blossom. Full moons are always a time to release and to celebrate but also to illuminate those things that perhaps you are turning a blind eye to. In the case of the Scorpioness she may highlight your own shadow side and ask you to look at what’s not working so you can release it through her guiding light. Do you ever look at your own shadow? What have you discovered about yourself here? Are you afraid to go deeper? If you are not now is the time to embrace the energy of your shadow and allow Lunar to help you travel into the depths. Scorpio is a fixed Zodiac sign that holds the element of water. She draws you deep into the psychic depths of emotion and awakens the magical powers within. She is an intense sign of extreme passion and intimacy but beware of her shadow as she does have a fatal sting in her tail. She rules the eighth house in the Zodiac the place of death, longevity and the unexpected so it is worth looking at the energy of eighth house or the house that Scorpio is ruling over in your own stella star story (natal chart) to gain more information about how this lunation may affect you on a personal level. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto who is our planetary goddess of death and rebirth. She enables us to breakdown what is no longer of use to us and rebuild again in terms of growth and renewal. With Pluto currently still in the sign of the sea goat that is Capricorn we continue to travel through a collective time of transformation. Lunar will be at her fullest in Pluto’s home sign just hours before she stations for retrograde! Scorpios ancient ruler is Mars the warrior goddess who is currently out of bounds in the sign of Cancer. Have you noticed any moments of irritation or unrest recently? Don’t worry Mars will trine Lunars energy and support you to go deeper into your emotions rather than reacting from the irrational mind, perhaps allowing time for contemplation rather than reaction? She will be sitting in opposition to a celestial stellium of Sol, Uranus, Venus, and Mercury all in the sign of the bull that is Taurus and squaring Saturn in Aquarius. With these energies there is a big element of shocking change and unveiling of truths as Uranus/Aquarius adds their revolutionary electric magic into the mix. This is most definitely a time to connect with the dark goddess and ask for her wisdom and guidance to support you to channel your shadow self and release your deepest fears. What are you scared of that is holding you back from becoming who you really want to be? The axis of Scorpio/Taurus reminds us that we have to shed our old skin to begin to grow again. Practices that links to the Scorpio energy in the body~ Scorpio links to the pelvic bowl and holds the energy of the sacral chakra. Any practice that links to this area will support you to harness her power. Sitting comfortably with either the legs crossed, stretched out wide or in a chair. Place the hands on the lower pelvis and draw the in breath down into this area as you exhale begin to circle the hips. You will find the chest, ribs and spine will all take part in this movement. Find some fluidity and begin to imagine a sacred cauldron residing within the pelvic bowl. See the colours of the magic in your cauldron and stay with your breath, asking Lunar moon to awaken your inner magic and connect you to your deepest emotions and truths. Crystal magic Working with Obsidian or Serpentine crystals will be powerful during this Lunation as they can support you to see inside yourself and shed your old skin. Also don’t forget to put your crystals either outside or in a window to soak up Lunar’s energies. Dark goddess invocation Goddess of the underworld I call to thee, I ask for you to guide me to the secrets I can not see, with full protection and the light of Lunar moon I ask to illuminate my shadow and allow it have room. So that I may see what no longer serves and shed my old skin in order to rebirth.

This is a powerful lunation and I am here to support anyone that feels they would like to know more. As always I am offering my Stella Star Story Medicine readings and have 2 spaces available for May. Please feel free to contact me.

Sending you all well wishes for this super full lunar light in Scorpio.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx



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