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THIS WEEKEND! Spring Nurture Self Care & Sound Bath.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022


This coming Saturday Im hosting two beautiful spring self care workshops, one in the morning and one in the evening. I feel its important to celebrate the renewal of spring and honour the changes that come with it! Im sure we have all felt the uplift with the sunnier days (they seem so far away!) and having clearer skies with lighter evenings really does lift the spirits.

Spring is all about refreshing, planting new seeds, new life and renewal.

Within our yoga practice we have the ability to start a fresh, its a wonderful reminder that we are all on a journey, sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down but we all have the freedom of choice in which way we look at things, we can start again, we can change our mind, we can make greater choices and we can do things that have a positive impact on our lives and others!

The two workshops are opportunities for you to get back in your body again, making time to look after yourself and learn lots of lovely techniques that will keep you glowing and connected for the weeks to come.


Within this self care workshop we are inspired by Spring, the season of renewal, rebirth, new life. A celebration of honouring new chapters within our lives and allowing things to bloom in new ways. Self care is something within our lives that often gets put to the bottom of the priority pile. We find we get stressed more easily, we get triggered by the tiniest things, our patience becomes less and we then find ourselves in a vicious cycle of fatigue and overwhelm. Building a self care practice isn't to be looked at as selfish, it is necessary!

To learn the tools and techniques in which we can feel calm on a daily basis, things to do when we feel triggered or stressed, techniques that bring you back into your body and mind.

11.00am - 1.00pm

£20 per person.

(NHS Discount does not apply)

Within this workshop you will:

+ Enjoy a guided meditation practice to help you stay connected in your day to day life.

+ A yoga practice planting seeds of intention, releasing the old, bringing in the new.

+ Breathing techniques to ease fatigue, headaches and rebalance the body and mind.

+ Face Yoga/GuaSha techniques to boost skin health and wellbeing routine

+ Priestess and oracle card wishes with Rebecca.

This workshop is open to everyone! Beginners to advanced, honouring a yoga practice is well rounded and very often starts from a place of self care before physical postures. Come and explore, create balance and enjoy celebrating Spring.


You are invited to the Spring nurture yoga and sound bath practice. A time to unwind and be inspired by nature in bloom, bird song, and new chapters in life.

I will be guiding a soft and slow nurturing yoga practice, we explore poses that deeply release physical tensions and learn to relax using the breath. Enjoy breathing techniques to uplift your energy and open the heart, set new seeds of intention and fully bloom into yourself.

Perfect to release stress, physical tension, aid deep sleep and reconnect back to your body, mind and soul.

This is my first solo sound bath and I am very excited to guide you with singing bowls, delicate chimes and seeds, bird song, water, streams, drum and rain sticks, it will be a pleasure to have you.



£20 per person


A yoga mat, warm thick blankets and pillows, comfortable clothes, socks, hats, sleeping bags. Everything that can offer warmth and a sense of cocooning. You can never bring too much!

These workshops are held at:

The Oaks Church/Village Hall, Harvington, Worcester Road.

For those that attend in the morning I will be sending out a 10% discount coupon if you wanted to attend the evening too, go on, you are worth it! It will be lovely to see you all very soon, if you have any questions please feel free to ask, anytime.

All my love,

V x


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