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This weeks classes.

A new week is ahead of us and I feel its time to explore a few new techniques to create clarity and focus within the mind. This past week I have felt my mind drawn else where, and incredibly overwhelmed with everything going on in Ukraine, it's something I cannot stop thinking about and I keep putting myself in other peoples shoes, I cannot say I have ever felt so sad, so heart broken. I want to save these people.

Within this weeks classes we honour our energies, we still the mind, we extend our love to those in need. We open ourselves to feel it all, every emotion, every thought. We allow ourselves the time and space to truly FEEL.

Im looking forward to this weekend workshops:

ASHTANGA YOGA - A mindful strong continuous vinyasa practice. Working through the primary series of the Ashtanga practice. Incredible poise, strength, focus and flexibility. Come and enjoy building all of the above aswell as reconnecting to yourself on a level you didn't know existed! *Not suitable for complete beginners.

DEEP REST YOGA & SOUND BATH - A slow and restful workshop that will help you relax, release and create a deeper sense of wellbeing. You will be guided through a slow and restorative yoga practice and guided into a sleep like meditation state. Be cocooned in warm blankets and enjoy the soothing sounds of singing bowls, gong and drum.


This weeks timetable looks a little something like this....


Pilates 12.10-1.10pm (Studio)

Gentle Flow Yoga 1.15-2.15pm (Studio)

🌿 Relaxation Yoga 8.00-9.00pm (Online)


Pilates Intermediate 1.30-2.30pm (Studio)

Relaxation Yoga 2.45-3.45 (Studio)

🌿Power Flow Yoga 8.00-9.00pm (Online)



Wild Power Yoga 8.15-9.15pm (Studio)


🌿Pilates 7.00-7.45pm (Online)

Power Pilates 8.00-9.00pm (Studio)


Yoga For All 11.30-12.30pm (Studio)

Power Yoga 7.30-8.30pm (Studio)


🌿Rise & Shine Yoga 9.00-10.00am (Online)

Ashtanga Yoga 11.00-2.00pm

Deep Rest Yoga & Sound bath 5.00-8.00pm

Thank you for allowing me to guide you dear ones, you are magic.

V x



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