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Time to rest!

After a long week and the new moon energy taking its hold of my brain this was just what I needed. It’s been a lovely slow day, all home school work is complete, everything is up to date, admin is above and beyond. I'm on it!! Today we have had time to play, talk and get out for a sunset walk on this wonderful rock!! My body & mind really do need nature and this week it’s been noticeable. I hope you have all had chance to get out this week and rest and restore. The energies of the moon can be overwhelming or energetic, find acceptance and move with the tides that appear. You can find out more about this New moon energy in Rebecca's wonderful new blog post, isn't it wonderful that she shares with us on here!

Have a wonderful evening,

Signing off for tonight and embracing my day off tomorrow.

See you Saturday!!

V x



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