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Welcome October - CHANGES

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Happy October!!

Let's embrace this Autumn air and learn to slow down a little bit shall we?! Ive felt it and Im sure you have too... since the school return life is FAST & BUSY. The changing seasons are something we should all celebrate and appreciate, CHANGE is inevitable!!

I love change, I love the colours of Autumn but I also love this time to nurture and be more homely. Its time for nourishing the body and mind in new ways and really making time to be more adaptable to the weather but also changes within our lives. I hope you enjoy the upcoming classes and workshops that really do inspire stillness and self care.

I wanted to share a little page each day with you, it may uplift you, inspire you or just generally make you feel a whole lot better. Whats nice about this is you never know whats coming and I can also enjoy that aspect... Ive chosen to never flick through the pages of this book!

W H A T S N E W ?

From Monday 4th October the online classes booking fee will increase by £1.

Class packages will also be increased BUT still discounted!

This is to cover additional charges and cover costs of video licensing.

If you purchased the video offer of £12 per month you may notice that the package is being 'cancelled', it isn't! It just means that you have reached the 3 month expiry date for the introductory offer. If its ended and you loved the videos please just repurchase a new plan as this will start a new rolling subscription, without a limit! (You can cancel anytime).

NHS discount is still going strong and is still valid for all SINGLE online classes, they do not apply to the workshops as charges have to be taken into account for all participants of face to face events.

I have TWO open spaces for 6 week plan of PERSONAL 1:1 SESSIONS. If this is something you're interested in please get in touch! I travel to you, we work through goals, problems, injuries and anything physical and emotional you would like to explore. Private sessions are a beautiful way of enjoying a Yoga/Pilates plan tailored to your body and needs.


N E W C L A S S !

This month and this week coming we bring back the ONLINE YANG & YIN class.

A half flow and half deep rest/stretch class that is perfect for this time of year, its also great if you can only attend one online class in the week.

Join me every Tuesday 8.00-9.00pm online via ZOOM.

As with all the classes they're open to beginners and new-comers whenever you feel called to practice! Just book and come along!



Our beautiful cosy Yoga & Sound Bath workshops are back! We will be sharing the first of 7 next Saturday. These workshops are open to everyone ages 16+, the yoga is slow, refined, connected and deeply releasing. The sound bath does just the same thing, an absolutely gorgeous experience that will leave you well rested, rebalanced and calm within the body and mind.

Saturday 9th Oct


The Oaks Village Hall, Harvington, Kidderminster.

(This workshop is in person and not online)


New videos and recipes are on the way! Its going to be a wonderful month, remember, slow down, eat well, sleep often and take lots of lovely nature walks when you get time.

Sending you huge amounts of love and hugs,

V x



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