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What a gorgeous weekend!

What can I say!? This weekend has been FULL, full to the brim of three incredible events and beautiful countryside journeys. I truly feel so blessed to share with you all what I love, what drives me, and share what I am so passionate about.

My day began teaching at a private event in a genome space, it was amazing! A lovely group of people and a wonderful way to start the day, did you know you can hire 'me' out for private events? I can teach a wonderful array of things at hen parties, festivals, family gatherings...just get in touch!

By the afternoon I was leading a gorgeous outdoor yoga practice at Bells Farm, this class is getting popular and the settings are stunning! Im so happy to share this space, being so local its wonderful to support the local community and bring people in from all areas.

Im holding a FREE outdoor yoga class on Tuesday 7th June 6.30-7.45pm and a very special sunset yoga practice with sound healing session on Saturday 18th June 6.00-8.00pm.

You can find the details to these events here:



As we closed the day I hosted a beautiful Chakra Yoga workshop, a slow and mindful yoga practice with philosophies interweaved into the movement. I shared the energetic qualities and postures to rebalance, awaken, soften and soothe our Chakra centres. Aswell as a yoga practice participants settled into a deep relaxation with sounds and textures inspired by the elements, it was absolutely magical.

It was wonderful to connect and guide you all, the next Chakra workshop will be in October!

Im hosting more workshops with sound baths each month, they are an experience that cannot quite be explained!



This week is a week of intention setting and learning more about the spine, the health of the spine, its energetic centres and how we can do specific exercises to support its strength and ease aches and pains, if you would like to join me online or in studio I would love to see you!

Have a wonderful week Wildlings,

V x



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