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Wild Woman Workshop

It's an absolute honour to be able to share space with this wild woman, Shasha Crow.

An inspirational soul who's energy is a joy to be around. We are holding another special workshop together this weekend ... Wild Woman!

A wild woman workshop, reawaken your inner wild woman, let's weave, sway, shake and reignite our passion for life. This practice we allow ourselves to connect to the feminine energy, Shakti. An energy that allows us to find self expression, sensuality, fluidity and adaptability. Masculine energy is Yang, powerful, action and doing. Feminine energy is Yin, stillness, weaving and open. Within this workshop we unravel and release, you will feel powerful, sensual and alive in your wild woman energy!

Here we will share space working through practices to inspire self love and heart healing.

+ Enjoy soothing self massage for the neck, arms, shoulders.

+ A playful yoga practice that lets us spiral, sway, shake and connect to our sacral and root chakras (it may get a little wild!)

+ Yin yoga too deeply stretch the hips, and pelvic bowl.

+ Partner yoga postures and breath work with goddess philosophy.

+ Guided meditation and relaxation with essential oils and a sound journey from Victoria & Shasha.

Saturday 8th Oct 6.00-8.00pm

£20 per person

V & S


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