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Wildlove Walks - 3 Peaks & Rosebush Quarry

Oh my this place was amazing!! A 9 mile walk that really allows you to soak in so many different terrains and landscapes. Starting at Rosebush Quarry it really brings out the inner child and adventure, I was desperate to explore the tunnels and could have spent hours just in this one spot but did remember it was just the beginning of the walk! Apparently over the back (we didn't make it on this walk) there is a place where you can swim so that will be on our list to do next time we visit. The start of this walk you explore the Quarry and you will notice wild blueberries growing, they are tiny and don't come in heaps, it can take hours to pick just one handful!

Following the path you walk past a forest and then see the landscape and will notice the outlines of the peaks, 3 in total: Foel Eryr, Foel Feddeu, Foel Cwmcerwyn. Wrap up as this outstretch of land can be windy! It's a gorgeous view in all directions and I love to just stand and take it all in. (Hence on the maps you will notice the photo icons!). A great mix of strength and intensity to get the heart pumping but also plenty of opportunities to stop and absorb nature's beauty!

Rosebush Quarry a very quiet place and great for those who love exploring, the 4th picture you'll see Will peaking over the edge just to give you an idea of the depths and scale of this place!

Path visibility: Visible path on the whole walk, grassy and boggy in places.

Time: 3 hours

Footfall: Quiet

Difficulty: Moderate, steady incline & decline worth the push to see the view!

Distance: 9 miles

Max Altitude: 1731 feet

If you are ever in the Pembrokeshire area don't be afraid to explore inland walks, this country just keeps on giving.

V x

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