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Wildlove Walks - Blue Lagoon

Looking at this blue sea you wouldn't think we were in the UK! The Blue Lagoon can be found at Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire. One of the most stunning places that is well known for its watersports (Red Bull Cliff diving) and if you're brave enough you can climb the quarry walls and jump in yourself. This is a really nice walk that pushes your edges and fear of heights if you do want to walk to the little monument at the end of the cliff. We parked at the carpark, be mindful you have to pay and this is a one road in and out, there is another walk from the other side of the pond (coming soon) where you can enjoy all the coastal paths.

The Blue Lagoon was formed when the channel connecting to the Quarry was blasted, allowing the sea to flood in. The depths give it its stunning turquoise colour and so many beautiful seals still swim around here.

If you ever visit Pembrokeshire this is a place that needs to be on your wishlist. Even if you're not planning on walking a route, just enjoy the energy, settle on the craggy rocks and do some seal watching!

Path visibility: Visible path, a scramble up the cliff side if you want to get to the monument.

Time: 1 hour

Footfall: Moderate

Difficulty: Easy, nice to stroll. Difficult if you are want to go to the monument (not for people with fear of heights!)

Distance: 1.15miles

Max Altitude: 80.77 feet

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