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Yang & Yin - Want to practice?

Yang & Yin yoga is a beautifully well rounded class so if you can only make one online class a week, this may just be the perfect one! Yang means to FLOW, it's active, strength building and instills focus. Yin means to BE STILL, its deep and releases physical and emotional tension.

Enjoy half a practice of a warming flow to raise the heart rate and get the body open and energetic, then surrender into supported stretches to really work deep into the muscles to release stress. This practice offers support to aiding sleep, stress reduction, moral boosting and is the perfect place to rebalance your energies, both physically and emotionally!

Join me ONLINE every Tuesday!


Grab your mat, comfortable clothes and some props (this can be anything, blocks, pillows, blankets you name it!) This class and all classes are open to all levels from beginners too advanced, modifications are always given for each pose.

These sessions are delivered live, so you can enjoy your practice from the comfort of your own home. The yoga session will be delivered through your phone or laptop via the app ZOOM, so set up a suitable space, roll out your mat and let's get connected.

// You will receive your session link within your booking confirmation email. (If you have not received your confirmation email within 30 minutes PLEASE email me).

// Sessions are delivered through the app ZOOM which you will need to download, this is a FREE app where all online classes will be shared. You can download it here:

// You can join the session 10 minutes before it begins, please ensure you are in practice 5 minutes prior so the class starts/ends on time.

// Bookings close 15 minutes before the class begins.

// All participants are muted within the practice as to not disturb the session, it is your choice to have your camera on or off.

// Classes are not recorded, you will not be able to re-watch the session after as it is delivered.

// Classes are open to all levels of practitioner offering layers and modifications along the way.

// Take your time, find your pace & enjoy your practice!

V x


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