7 Postures to relieve lower back pain

Here we take the journey into relieving lower back pain, remember that a journey is an ongoing path, not a quick fix, it's an exploration into the known and the unknown.

Our spine and hips allow freedom of movement for the whole body, the pelvis in particular bears the body weight, mobility of the legs, strength through the core and flexibility through the spine. I have often given the visualisation of the pelvis as a plant pot, the stem of the plant is the spine, as we allow the 'pot' to roll around the spine can follow, if the plant pot it still the stem can settle in rigidity. Another nice visualisation (I love this one) is water within a bucket, notice the movement of the water as you move the bucket, this is a lovely representation of the bodies movement and mobility. Do you feel as though your body has fluidity or do you feel it is in need of a good oil?!

When I mention working with the lower back do you have a little hesitation? It's very normal for us ALL to feel lower back pain at some point in our lives and yet again yoga can really help ease tension, discomfort and even pain. Lower back pain is actually the reason I started practicing yoga!

To help release tension within the lower back we need to consider the natural range of movement the spine has and also acknowledge if some of these have been hindered due to habitual patterns. The body adapts to our daily motions and even emotional tension.

If we take a look at the lower back and the centre of the body we need to have a balance of strength and flexibility in ALL areas. If one is off balance something else will be compromised, it's important we connect to our core strength rather than relying on the arms to pick something up. If the core is weak the lower back will suffer (and your internal organs). If the hamstrings, hips and lower back muscles are tight this will create rigidity within the alignment of the pelvis (that fluidity I mentioned above). Increasing range of movement & flexibility in the hips incre