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Deep Connections

When we truly show up for ourselves we gain an understanding of how we want to move through life, we express our emotions, we heal from our discomforts, we grow with experience. We take time to become deeply connected to ourselves, we honour our individuality and shine that out into the world. Upon that knowing deep in your heart you can open up and share that space with another. Embracing a relationship without judgment or expectations, being completely yourself and an individual and having the compatibility with another who is the same. Together but separate, connected by the soul but respecting how we each move through the world. A relationship shouldn’t be about moulding to fit each other’s box, it shouldn’t be about holding each other back, it should be about pushing each other above and beyond, it’s about trust and communication what ever the weather, it’s about listening and sitting with each other, it’s about laughter and play, it’s about being so turned on in life that you will share it with each other for every day to come. You will open your eyes, ears, arms and heart and together you will conquer the world! 🤍🤍

You’re invited to join us both this Sunday for a couples yoga workshop, it’s going to be so much fun!


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