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Happy Christmas & New Year!

My darlings,

To each and every one of you, I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for your support this year, for commiting to your practice and allowing me to guide you. It's been a strange old year and I still can't believe we have made it to Christmas with such emotion and uncertainty within the air. Here we are!! As we approach the end of the year, it's a perfect time to really reflect on everything we have been through, as individuals, but also as a human race. A situation we have never faced before but it's brought out our kind nature, our compassion and intuition. Whatever waves approach us these next few weeks and months ahead, celebrate this time with gratitude, even with the gifts, even with not as many gifts as before, this celebration is to honour our connections, our deep love for one another and the ability to help others who are in need. Kindness & sharing, now and always.

Thank you for coming along on this ride with me, from Day one when lockdown 1 was announced we all had to think incredibly fast about out futures, our jobs, our friends, our family and basic needs to survive. We have moved through this with open hearts and all sorts of emotions and I feel so so incredibly honoured that you have all allowed me to still teach you, something that I live for, that naturally just unravels from my mouth and body. Where we can all come together (again as individuals) but really become a huge part of a bigger picture, a community that flourishes with self love and self care and the amazing realisation that we all play a small role in a bigger world. As we connect to ourselves with truth and honesty, we also connect to every single person we meet in the same way. We are always learning, we are always thriving and we are also allowed to accept we also fail. Don't ever forget how incredible you are, how much you have learned when you have felt strong, when you have felt emotionally overwhelmed, every time you have practiced, you have given yourself time to heal, to breathe and to rest into your authentic self.

It's been an amazing year, despite everything, I have grown so much as a mother, as a partner, as a wild woman, as a human. I have re-evaluated, highlighted my morals and values, reminded myself of what's important and what isn't, I have practiced Yoga every single day, I am stronger in my body and mind more than ever and I know what I want from my life moving forwards.

I hope when you attend classes with me, I shine that spark to push and motivate you to become a better version of yourself. To help you understand and accept every emotion and thought you feel, that is okay to FEEL. Life isn't about being a part of the crowd, it isn't about being quiet, it isn't about blending in, it's about connecting to yourself, the amazing world around you, seeing and feeling nature, being creative, talking, laughing, loving, embracing every moment of communication, whether good or bad. What we experience in life makes us the person we are, and from this moment and into the new year, you, only you, have a choice to live the life you want.

You know I'll always been there in the back of your mind, telling you you can achieve anything you want, its okay to fall down but get the hell back up! To take time to listen, to feel and to breathe.

From my heart to yours,

Thank you for everything.

V x


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