Happy Healthy Buddha Bowl

Well well well, Buddha bowls are a huge staple in our weekly meals and they are so versatile! This is a basic recipe with a few things to prepare, once you get the hang of it you'll be mixing one up every week! Buddha bowls are jam packed with goodness, you can add a mix of carbs, salad, vegetables, grains and of course your choice of protein. The recipes I make aren't over complicated sometimes I think simplicity is best. If you buy good ingredients, fresh (home grown or handpicked you get double points) organic where you can and think of the flavours that compliment each other. Alongside the roasted veg add as many raw vegetables as you can, raw fruit and veg are so good for your gut!

As always my recipe portions are huge, Gus eats what we eat so my portions are for three people! If you need to downsize and you have your preference with servings go with that!

You will want to think of the groups:

Protein (if using)


Root Vegetable for roasting

Favourite salads

Grains or seeds