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Last family yoga session for Summer!

Its our last outdoor family session for the year this coming Wednesday! Its been so lovely sharing with you over the past few summer holidays and we are already excited for next years sessions. It has been lovely to guide and connect with so many lovely families and inspire children to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and yoga!

Wednesday 9th August


Arley Arboretum

These sessions are suitable for ages 3+ up to 10 years, but we welcome younger & older! They are child led, meaning that the sessions are created in a way that is in sections, with creative moments, movement, team work, independent speaking. We want these sessions to encourage your child's independence and more importantly play! So don't worry if you think they wont pay attention the whole time, or they like to run around, this is what its all about!

Come and enjoy being barefoot in the grass, watch the clouds, learn some fun yoga poses and enjoy some family connection time.

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