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New Year, New You Workshop

As we get into the swing of the new year we might be feeling that boost of motivation to move through each day, we are organised, we are on it! OR we might be feeling the complete opposite, despite all the things we should be getting done we hit the snooze button a few extra times and stay under the duvet!

Ive personally done both! Right now as I write this Im lay in bed, with the sunshine beaming through the window. Ive got my Autumn Tonic next to me and Ive had my porridge for breakfast. Been back at classes this week has been glorious, but Im suffering with a chest infection so when Im not teaching, Im not doing a lot. Resting, writing, reading and slow walks. Today I plan to get photos done for the website, thats all. Nothing more, nothing less.

I wanted to remind you that its okay if this years pace of life is slower, to not feel guilty if you haven't hit January the 1st with bounds of enthusiasm and to not get disheartened if your body and mind feel a little 'creaky' when coming back to practice!

My first workshop on Saturday 15th January sets us all off in the right direction, aptly named 'New Year, New You' I like to think of it as an introduction to getting to know yourself better, rather than changing the old you, you just become better friends with yourself as each year goes by.


+ Within the workshop i'll be leading a gentle, flowing yoga practice influenced with elements of the Chakra energies.

+ I'll be teaching philosophy about the Chakras to help you gain more insight in their characteristics and the influence they have on your body and mind. With this you may be able to figure out a few things, a light bulb moment might happen or suddenly everything starts to makes so much sense!

+ We will be taking a few notes, that may inspire you to keep a journal this year but also give you chance to release and write down things that have been on your mind. Let's gratitude journal, let's get organised and let's plan a few goals.

+ Self care comes first and foremost so i'll be sharing lots of wonderful techniques that will help you keep in check with yourself. Ill help you create a little self care plan that isn't overwhelming or unachievable!

+ Meditation and breathing techniques are two of the things we can access any time of day, especially when we are not doing a physical practice, come and learn and feel the benefits of breathing.

If you feel called to join the workshop I welcome you with open arms! Come and settle, rest and reconnect back to your beautiful body and mind!



The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington, Kidderminster

£20 per person

Open to all levels, complete beginners welcome. Ages 16+

Im also running a Yoga & Sound bath session on the same evening at 5.00-8.00pm, all details for this workshop can be found on the workshop page!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, anytime.

V x


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