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October Newsletter

A U T U M N . I S . H E R E What a beautiful beginning to October, within the first week I am completely in the energy of Autumn, the cold air, the changing colours and the awareness of slowing down. Over these past two weeks we have been focusing on creating inner warmth within our bodies and minds, settling in and embracing elements of Yin within each class and also learning that even when we're feeling tired and in hibernation mode we can do inner workings to keep our fire burning. I've written a blog post about a Sanskrit term called Tapa's (sadly not the food!) but it will help you to gain more understanding of your core and the magic it harbours. Tapas translates to discipline, it enables you to find your passion and work into your practice with care and attention, as long as you're showing up it doesn't matter what happens. Acceptance and patience are keys to unlocking a happy and healthy body!

Starting next week you will be able to find two new classes on the timetable, Lunchtime Express Yoga & Pilates, 45 minute ONLINE classes that will help you to stretch and release midday and enjoy getting your practice in if your schedules are busy. These classes are wonderful for those working from home, sat at a desk or if you're in need of a little midday pick me up. They are open for booking, open to everyone and all abilities! New to ZOOM? If you're unsure of online classes get in touch and we can set up a private session to help you figure out the technical side of things! You can also visit the FAQ page on the website for a little help.

Our adventures away were stunning, exploring the landscape of the highlands in Scotland and the coastline of Pembrokeshire is breathtaking. A true adventure that felt timeless, if you can get away in nature at any opportunity , don't put it off, you will feel so much better for it. Walking is a form of meditation, listen to the trees, the birds, feel the cold air on your skin, embrace rainfall, stand, sit and just allow yourself to be present.

Here is the most current timetable with the online and studio classes combined. Every class you attend will be different, intentions are set each week and I hope you're still enjoying taking time out to practice. You have all done amazing well moving through these past 5-6 months and I'm so happy to share this journey with you, uncertain or not, we are all in a wonderful realm of learning more about ourselves and each other. Thank you for attending classes, keeping in touch, inspiring me and all of your support. Loads of love, V x


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