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Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath

The first Relaxation Yoga & Sound bath session is on the horizon, at the end of the month on Sunday 29th January (my Birthday!) Ill be sharing a beautiful restful practice that helps the body and mind find a deep state of relaxation and healing.

Ill be sharing a yoga practice helping us to clear our mind and create more space within the heart & upper body. Learn to quieten the mind with gentle breathing techniques and enjoy a slow and subtle yoga practice with postures that release tension in the outer and inner layers of the body. As we come to the end of the first month within the new year this practice is to reaffirm we are moving in the right direction, that we can always change our direction and we have the courage and strength to move forwards with guidance from the heart.

The heart chakra governs spaciousness, acceptance, forgiveness, love and healing. Can we move through this year connecting to all of those qualities?

These sessions (and all classes) are open to all, no experience is needed and you don't need to know what yoga or a sound bath are to enjoy the benefits. Just simply enjoy moving the body to ease aches and tension and then lie down for 45 minutes to let the mind drift off into a dream like state of rest.

If you would like to join me there are limited spaces left,

Sunday 29th January


Areley Kings Village Hall, Astley Cross.


To be soothed by sound is the most beautiful thing. Have you ever felt the emotion and goosebumps from classical music? Noticed the imagination wander when listening to your favourite pieces of music? Truly felt the effect that music has on your body, we can dance, cry, smile, stomp and feel all sorts of emotions when listening to music.

So what is a sound bath? Is it music?

A sound bath isn't music, there may be a melody on a certain instrument, there may be a drum in part of the practice but it isn't a specific song or concert. It's a practice in which participants enjoy resting while being immersed in sound. Hence why it's called a sound bath, like immersing the body in water.



V x


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