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Reviews and Free class

LISTEN UP YOGIS! To share the yoga love and get the community thriving and growing I want to offer you all the opportunity of a free class!

All Im asking in return is a little favour, would you please leave me a review on my facebook page?

Your experience and feedback is so incredibly valuable to myself and could help reach out to so many people wanting to take part in practice but a little unsure, you words could change somebody's mind! Now more than ever I feel it's important to reach out to the world and share this practice that brings a deeper connection to our bodies, our minds and our hearts.

For everyone who leaves me a review on my facebook page you will get your next class for free. You will receive a coupon code to use on your next online booking!

You know how much I adore you and your interactions allow me to be the teacher that I am, today and all the days to come! x

Thank you!! x


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