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Words cannot express how grateful I am for this years Earth Retreat! My goodness, all the energy and hard work that my mind manifested to create this gathering, turned into everything I had imagined and more. It's a reminder to myself to keep doing what I love to do, that I pour my heart into sharing with others and my service to others is all I need. My yoga journey began over 10 years ago and my intentions for becoming a yoga teacher was to help others... specifically the words I repeated to myself "I want to teach other people to love themselves". It changed my life, and I knew within a very short amount of time that it was something I was destined to do. My journey of learning to heal and love myself unfolded into teaching others to heal and love themselves. Now after 9 years of teaching I still have that same passion, I want to reach so many hearts and minds and tell them that they can heal and love in new ways. That yoga truly can change our life's.

This gathering healed on so many levels, that upon arrival only a handful of participants knew each other but we were all strangers deep down, that most of us in the group hadn't been in a group of strangers for 3 whole days. But somehow we knew, within a short amount of time that we were completely safe, respected and able to show up in our authenticity. That we would be held in a space that had no expectations, judgements or higher opinions. That each and every person in the group could be exactly as they are.

Within the Earth retreat we open and close with a circle, in which we can express ourselves, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, sometimes nothing at all. But we gather and we are completely heard. It was so beautiful to feel the energy of both circles and visibly notice a difference in each persons experience. It reminds me of the power of human connection, away from all the noise of life, away from technology and just the joy to play in a field for a weekend. Learning about ourselves along the way and really allowing ourselves to be accepted in our wild and raw states. These spaces can bring up so many things, emotions, feelings, memories, things to process, things to sit with, things to release, things to shake out and all of the classes allowed us to move though all of those things. When you feel it in your heart and body, FEEL IT!

Thank you to this years Earth Family, Rebecca, Faith, Marie, Shasha, Ruth & Sarah. (With our special family extras, James, Craig & Evie). It was beautiful to have you here sharing your sessions and your unique modalities! Each and every session offered something different and I know that everyone will have taken away something magic away from every one of them!

Thank you to my amazing partner Will for his smile, playfulness and hard work running here and there travelling for our food pick ups, for accommodating everyones needs and being my foundation that allows me to feel so light on my feet in organising this event solo.

Thank you to Gil, from Gils cafe in Wolverley for catering for the event, with high numbers and a vegan & vegetarian menu he went above and beyond making the most incredible meals. What made it even more special is that he catered for everyones needs, allergies, gluten free etc. Honestly, I cannot thank him and his wonderful team enough! I feel very lucky that they will be catering and creating their magic feasts Wildlove's future retreats.


Thank you to Bells Farm & Ambers Bell tents for allowing me to become a part of the outdoors family, that this is just the beginning of interweaving self care, health and wellbeing into the wider picture of connecting to more outdoor spaces, eating well and supporting local farms and businesses. The site is amazing and I am so grateful to be able to share my events at such a lovely outdoor space!

A huge big hug and thank you to the beautiful souls who attended, it was an absolute pleasure to hold the space and connect with you!! I know I will carry this experience close to my heart and I hope when you look back on our time together you will smile, laugh and are inspired to give yourself more you time.

More time to do the things you want to.

More time to be in nature.

More time to push yourself out of your comfort zones.

More time to just be YOU.

You are amazing!



Will Earth Retreat be making an appearance next year? YES! We already have two weekends lined up for you next year, June & September, celebrations of Spring and Autumn. You can find the foundations of the retreat for next year on the website already.

Teachers and all the magic plans will be shared in good time.

We would LOVE to see you there!

If your heart calls, FEEL IT!


Thank you again, from my open heart to yours.

That this journey of life is for us all to feel and witness, that we can change our paths, our minds, our thoughts and our health.

It all starts with a positive intention.

Open hearts, heal hearts.

You are loved,

V x


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